AlignLife exists because Dr. Joseph Esposito is driven by his desire to help people achieve their best health. He knows that traditional medicine can be a valued partner in chiropractic, but on its own doesn’t always lead to the best outcome for patients.

Dr. Joseph Esposito, AlignLife Co-Founder and CEO

“My father had a heart arrhythmia and was taking medication that caused issues with his lungs,” Dr. Esposito recalls. “He couldn’t climb a flight of stairs. I told him, ‘Saving your heart by destroying your lungs is not a good quality of life.’ So, I talked with his doctor, he came off that medication and was running on the treadmill two weeks later. Unfortunately, he had a cardiac episode. In the hospital, he was treated with that same drug, except at about 10 times the dosage that was causing him problems in the first place. I called my sister, Dr. Cristina Esposito, AlignLife’s President, and asked her to check online to research the drug further. She said a study showed that it was causing kidney issues, so I ran back upstairs to talk to the doctor — but my father had just died. Kidney failure caused fluid to gather around his heart, and it just stopped.”

From personal tragedy to positive outcomes

The loss of his father galvanized Dr. Esposito to build a thriving network of chiropractic and natural health centers. It wasn’t easy, and he learned many lessons the hard way. After many years, he decided to take what he knew and create a system that would let chiropractors be chiropractors, as well as successful business owners.

AlignLife Chiropractor treating a patient

Helping people explore all health resources available to them

Losing his father to what he deemed medication mismanagement strengthened his commitment to promote a more natural approach to health, and provide them with more tools to lead healthier, happier and more productive lives.

Our mission is to educate and inspire chiropractors to achieve health, happiness and prosperity by serving their communities with principled chiropractic care and the management of toxicities and deficiencies. “I want to expose every American to the power of chiropractic healing and teach them how the chiropractic lifestyle can help them reach an optimal state of health,” he says. “I want to showcase how functional nutrition can remove toxins from the body that are causing people to be sick, and help people to maintain a healthy weight.”

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